Friday, July 11, 2014

Why You Should Be Rich and Happy Now - The Axis and Orbit Summer Challenge

One of my readers, Ryan, asked me to write more about prosperity. So I am guessing that this will be the first in a series of posts.

Here is a great quote from Yogi Bhajan that I will explain hereafter:

If your psyche is right on its axis, you’ll be happy no matter whether you are rich or poor. If your psyche is right on its orbit, you’ll be rich whether or not you are happy. If both are in harmony, you’ll be rich and happy and a giver like God.” --Yogi Bhajan.

So to explain, your AXIS is your own personal connection with your God and your higher self and if you are right spiritually than you will be happy, as he says, whether you are rich or poor.

Your ORBIT is your interaction with others and the world and if your psyche is balanced in this regard you will just naturally be rich, no matter whether or not your are happy. It is easy to see people who are balanced on their orbit because they have outward manifestations of success.

The idea is that you want to be balanced on both axis and orbit. There is this old Piscean notion that you can't be rich and spiritually enlightened. You know the sayings: Money is the root of all evil, Money is the world's curse. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle that for a rich man to enter heaven... etc etc.

These sayings and that last highly misunderstood scripture I quoted, have been used for hundreds of years now by Satan and his secret combinations, to promote the monastic lifestyle--a lifestyle of being balanced on one's AXIS, but not on one's orbit. Meaning that if you choose God you choose poverty.

Why would Satan promote this, you ask? Well for one thing, people with money (or control of the money or resources) tend to be the ones who develop society. And the evil powers in the universe do not want enlightened, spiritual people developing society. So they have done a good job convincing some very good, spiritual people that money is bad, and that success and prosperity will lead you off the straight and narrow path. While that is possible, it is also possible that if you are balanced on your axis, you'll stay on the path and you'll do a lot of good for God with the resources he blesses you with.

The truth is, money is just symbolic. It is what we use to symbolize energy exchange, and until that system changes, it's what we have to work with. The key is to have your psyche balanced in both areas. Then you will be both rich and happy and you'll use the money as God would.

So if you were wondering why you are happy but poor, or rich and unhappy, or both poor and unhappy, the answer is because one or both of your axis and orbit is not balanced. And since I know you have tried everything else, let me tell you that Kundalini Yoga and meditation is the energetic technology that is strong enough to right your psyche in both areas. Don't stop all the other good things you are doing. Just add more Kundalini.

I have been in the top 2% of earners at one point (and every unhappy) and I have been way below the poverty line (perhaps if there is a bottom 2% I was there) and also unhappy. When I started adding more Kundalini I became enormously happier. Then my psyche started to balance on it's orbit and I learned what prosperity truly meant.

Now, I don't consider myself on any of the world's scales of prosperity or success. This is because God provides things (resources, money, opportunities, stuff) for us in miraculous ways, and uses us to provide for others in miraculous ways. Even though there is still a money exchange at times, I feel like I have opted into the law of consecration and it works beautifully. I often feel like I am the happiest and richest person in the world. Maybe that is how it feels to be like God. A giver.

I find myself wishing that all of my students and blog readers and clients could feel the same. Right now. Because there is a great work to do. It's not all about paying the mortgage or rent anymore. And it's not about struggling to stay afloat in the lake of despair anymore. You were born to have joy and to contribute!

Even though the Kundalini technology is fast, you should know it still takes effort. These issues go to the very core of everything for some of us. But even if it took 6 months say, or a year--that's nothing when you think of all the years you've lived with and struggled with your problems. So I'd like to issue a challenge. It will be a 10 week challenge. I'm calling it the Tree of Life Kundalini Yoga Summer Challenge.

The idea is to go to, or watch, or do at home with a manual, as many Kundalini Yoga classes as possible by the Fall equinox (this is addition to your daily meditation which I'm sure you are already doing). The goal being 30 classes or more by the end of summer. That is about 3 per week. If you are already doing a Level 1 teacher training or daily Aquarian Sadhana then you are covered (that is the 2.5 hours/day early morning group sadhana).

If you don't have classes near you or it's hard to get to them, I have a 6 class prosperity series as well as a 6 class rebirthing series available online for a very reasonable price. You can do the same ones over and over if you like them. I'll also offering new classes near the end of the summer. Click here for all the info on upcoming and recorded classes. 

But it honestly doesn't matter so much what the theme of the class or kriya is that you you do, so long as you do it. If you are looking for classes near you, make sure it is Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan. Anything else I can not vouch for.

If you have a manual and do kriyas at home, you can get the group energy by imagining that you are mediating with 1000 other yogis. In truth, you may be, you just can't see them.

Anyone who meets the challenge or goes beyond it, will most likely have their psyche, axis, orbit and a lot more transformed, and will be invited to share their story on my blog or podcast, and will get a free copy of my forthcoming book, Awake As In Ancient Days: The Christ-Centered Kundalini Yoga Experience. 

To join the challenge, first tell all your friends you are going it. Socially commit. And get a friend or two to join you if you can. Then just download and print out the spreadsheet at this link. There is a place for dates and teacher names and a place for the teacher to sign if you attend their class life. This will give you an excuse to talk to the teacher. :) If you don't attend live, you can still keep track this way.

During the challenge, feel free to post pictures or comments or blog links on my FB page. At the end of the challenge, just email me your forms! I'm so excited about this. I will be doing it too. I'm going to try to go out and find more live classes in my area, which means I'll probably meet lots of new people, too.


  1. Felice,

    Sat nam. I thought "hey I should check out Felice's blog!" And then as soon as i saw this post i had the thought "Oh, don't read that. It's about *money*." And, then immediately I realized that it was Satan! Again! Ha! I just really starting digging deeper into studying prosperity, so this was perfectly timed. Thank you so much!

  2. I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE! Challenge accepted.

  3. i'm thinking of joining. just started your 40 day meditation today!

  4. I am accepting this challenge. Thanks for this great post Felice.