Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Is Knowing?

“Quantum physics shows us that what we can visualize actually is what we can see. Our mental picture of the universe and how the universe appears to us basically are one and the same. The world of thought is not isolated from the physical world but, on the contrary is closely bound up in it.” --Rabbi Phillip S. Berg 

Here are some insights from a recent download:

Nothing can be revealed unless it is first concealed. For example, at a human social level a person cannot reveal himself in public without first being concealed in clothing.

Our birth on earth was a revealment of our spirit and intelligences in human mortal form. But our birth also concealed many things about the reality of the universe. Many layers make up what we call "the veil." Yet when one delves into the inner essence of things, these layers are revealed.

In order to achieve this we must not merely have information, we must know

The Jews understood the biblical distinction about knowing. The only time information becomes knowing is when direct contact has been made with the information sought. 

"And Adam knew his wife." 

Knowing in biblical terms mean that direct contact is made. Experience creates knowing. 

Sometimes we think we know. Man has made contact with the moon. But man cannot directly touch the moon. Even if he goes there with all that science has to offer, he is still in a space suit and can't directly touch it or know anything about it's inner essence.

However, through expanded consciousness, anything is possible, even direct contact with the moon.

As the quote at the top suggests, we can only see that which we can visualize. Therefore, expanding our consciousness and connecting to the great endless wisdom, allows us to see more of reality.

The Kabbalah teaches that there are essentially 4 realities on this terrestrial plane: inanimate, vegetable, animal, and human. All have intelligence. Some are mobile. But only humans have higher levels of consciousness 

Man can think about past, present, future, etc. He can even observe himself thinking. This mobility of both psyche and of  body are what allow for expanded consciousness. When you think of the word expanded, you can think what might happen if you expanded your orbit. If a man walked into a different city or neighborhood, he might experience all kinds of new things. Man can also do this with his mind. He can expand it into realms he hasn't been before through certain types of meditation, especially guided imagery.
By this means, instant transfer and communication is possible across the galaxy and to other galaxies as well at faster than speed of light. Man can connect with angels, with God, with his own soul, and the inner essence of other things and people, with past and future, and so much more.

Humans are also unique in the ability to articulate speech. Speech is key. God created the cosmos with a word, and that power, (diluted somewhat by our own ego and impurities) was passed on to his creatures.  We must be very careful with this power. Many of us, when we talk about what we do not want to happen actually create most of our tragedies. Words, in a very real sense, become deeds. 

With imagery we can use the power of the word to help the client expand their consciousness and connect with (know/experience) the Light (Wisdom/ God Jesus Christ, you name it) by guiding their mind and imagination. The imagination responds to words. Words create images. The imagery master, throughout time has had different titles: shaman, prophet, poet, rabbi, therapist, guide, mystic, and more.

Prophet Isaiah by Marc Chagall

Since the dawn of time, very awakened people knew that every event, every action, every idea is connected through the human mind the network that is the cosmos. They knew that consciousness plays a deciding role in the nature of our physical reality. Purity of consciousness creating the ultimate fullness of joy reality. 

Purity of consciousness is achieved by converting the desire to receive for the self alone to a desire to receive to share. Love Your Neighbor. This is straight out of every religion's scriptures.  

The energy of the terrestrial sphere is very negative. This is where Satan can and does (for now) pretend he is the God of this world. In order to free ourselves from the negative energy, we need to connect with the positive energy through expanding our consciousness beyond the five senses, connecting, knowing

Modern science, the deeper they get into things, has discovered that the the only thing they know for certain is that there is uncertainty in science. Everything we thought we knew has exceptions, or is constantly changing. Also, they have proven that observing changes the observed.

I love that Elder Holland, one of the 12 apostles of the LDS church, said this at the last General Conference of the church: 
"I am more certain that those keys have been restored and that those ordinances are once again available through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than I am certain I stand before you at this pulpit and you sit before me in this conference."

The five sense will always lead us into the illusion. But when we use mind power, the word, and pure intent to share, we can know the mysteries of God, and thus change our reality and destiny.  

To read more about imagery upcoming training, and other opportunities to experience, click any of these links. Sat Nam. 

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