Monday, July 21, 2014

Introducing the Jedis

Last year I had a lot of requests from people who wanted to learn to teach Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan (R) but who wanted to train with me. I looked into becoming a teacher trainer through KRI and what I realized is that to become a KRI teacher trainer would take years and years of climbing yogi ladders and bazillions of hours, which I don't need to spend away from my daughter. But after a talk with my teacher trainer and a talk with Yogi Bhajan (in his astral form) and also to God, I felt like I should just train people anyway, and not call it a teacher training, but merely a mentorship.

Yogi Bhajan said that every student should be a teacher, and even if you only know one meditation, you should teach it. I know many of my students are teaching their family and friends and some will tell anyone on the street about it. And I figured I could equip those who were serious with tools to do so in an even better way.

It is amazing who was led to me and how I knew they were going to be a jedi. Others applied but I didn't feel it was right or their time. In the end I trained nine Jedis. The mentorship was 6 months. It was a wonderful time and I loved seeing them grown and begin to teach where God led them. Several of them lead addiction recovery groups. Others live in places where there is absolutely no access to Kundalini Yoga except what they are now offering. Others will be teaching online. Several of them are going on to do a full 220 hour Level 1 teacher training in their area as new areas are opening up.

I wanted to introduce several of them here. Some are teaching, others aren't yet, but they are blogging. All of them I would endorse as epic teachers with a deep respect and understanding of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, and who also teach from a Christ-centered LDS perspective.


Jessica is in Chicago but teaches online mostly to people in Boise. Go figure. Here is her FB page.

Kalyan Kaur
Kalyan Kaur (Janice) teaches in Pocatello Idaho every Tuesday night. Her FB page is

Siri Dharma Kaur

Siri Dharma Kaur (Katy) is in Rexburg Idaho. She is teaching a Moonlight Yoga For Women weekly Saturday evening class at a counseling center location in Rexburg. This class will follow up on the 12 steps of ARP. Everyone (female) is welcome. She will be teaching a pregnancy yoga class series, too. She is also a Theta healer and Hypnobabies instructor. So she has your bases covered. Her website is Be Still Services.  

Nancy Holbrook

Nancy is in Honolulu, Hawaii and just had a baby, but will start up teaching again soon. When she gets her info ready I will add it here. In the mean time, if you want to contact her, you can email me or find her on Facebook.

Akashpreet Kaur

Akashpreet Kaur (Hannah) is in England and blogs at: 5 in the Bed. It's her family blog, but there will be more about Kundalini Yoga as the days go by.


Sarah is also in England and has started blogging at and has a youtube channel of the same name.

The other Jedis are still working on finishing requirements, but when they are ready, I will add them to this list. Sat Nam.

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