Thursday, August 21, 2014

Clarification About Imagery Training in Park City

Sat Nam,

There has been some confusion about what I am going to be doing in Park City in less than a month. Many people seem to think it is a retreat. So if you have donated money to the book, this does not count as a retreat. If you have done my jedi program or will be doing it in the future, this does not count as a the invitiation-only retreat.

While it may be a retreat for you to get away and go to Park City, it is actually a training. It has nothing to do with yoga. It's a therapeutic training. I have been developing the curriculum for it for almost a year and those who go to it will leave with a certification and will be able to see clients and do amazing things for them. By the way it is almost sold out so if you have been waiting, register now. There are only 2 spaces left.

Sat Nam

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