Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Kundalini World Tour (KWT)

It's finally happening. I am going on a trip. A long one. I guess you can call it my Kundalini World Tour. I will be spreading the joy of Kundalini Yoga and also exploring this great big world with my daughter. It is the best home school curriculum a person can want.

I am donating my car this Friday. (Goodbye Reepicheep.) Then I set sail September 1st in a rental car. I have no official sponsors yet, except God. But He's a good one.

What possessed me to do this?


I guess I also feel like it may be my last chance for a while. Pretty soon I might be married with 4 kids, who knows. I just know it feels like take-off-time so I am jumping on.

I don't know all my destinations yet, but I'll be in and around Utah for about 10 days to see people and teach a Therapeutic Imagery Certification in Park City.  Then we go to the United Kingdom. From there, I will travel where the spirit moves me, and I'll come back when I am called back. Wherever back is.

Camping in Joshua Tree at Sat Nam Fest.  
I'll be teaching a few classes on the road to help pay for my travels. These may be streamed. I will also find a way to do podcasts, too, because it turns out people love them as much as we love doing them. When I pass back through the U.S. I should have books to sign. Yay!

I just Googled, "how to pack for an around the world trip." It wasn't very helpful. I am not your average round the worlder.  For one thing, Iam I going to put all these books? Can I really only pack 2 turbans? I don't plan on staying in hostels but with people I know. I guess we will see how it turns out.

If you want me to come visit you, let me know. Maybe it will happen. If you have advice on packing, let me know.

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  1. If you want to come to Virginia again you are totally welcome here. We've got a guest bedroom and bathroom in the basement that you and Pheobe are welcome to. You two can join in school. We are planning on forming a ukulele band and learning Spanish :)