Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Moving Planets Around (My Astro Download Part 4)

Part 1, 2, 3

I have been talking about the constellations, planets, natal chart, moons and how these things all affect individuals and groups. Now I am going to talk about the other side of things. This is the part about agency.

The truth is that we as humans are connected to the cosmos and therefore we can influence the cosmos and not just the other way around. Let me remind you that the temple is a microcosm of the cosmos and that our bodies are temples, and therefore also a microcosm of the cosmos. This becomes quite clear in Kabbalistic Astrology when you learn that each sign of the zodiac is also associated with an organ in the body. So each of us has a little bit of each sign within us. This is how we can relate to other signs. But it is also how we can understand and learn what exactly exists in the galaxy, and how we can understand its internal energies and inner depths. Woah! Again not surprising, the key to understanding the universe is within us."The Kingdom of God is within you..."

In Part 2 I wrote about how you can change your destiny by doing spiritual work. Some things are written in the stars, so to speak, but you can change them through your actions.  The Zohar is full of examples and stories of people who were going about their business and then performed a good deed and later they were seen bypassing death (such as just missing a poisonous snake or a ledge collapsing just after they moved off it.) These are examples of a person bypassing what is written in the stars. There are a million stories like this. It's true a good deed can change everything. But how? If the starts decree how can it change if God is unchangable?

Because we change the stars. This involves a long discussion of physics which I will skip for brevity and give you the cliff notes. I read a quote from a rabbi recently who said if it is paradoxical, it is probably true because this is kind of how God works. So here is the great paradox of physics. Is it mechanistic or is it random? Is it a particle or a wave? The short answer is,  it depends on how you look at it. Observing changes the observed. Indeed, the power to observe our own thinking is the only thing that sets us higher than animals. Observation is essential to spiritual work.

This is a picture of Jupiter and two of her moons. I took this picture with my camera in 2009
by placing my camera lens up to the eye piece of one of the largest telescopes
in the world at Mt. Wilson.  It was amazing.  
 So here is the great paradox of the universe. The stars and planets move on their orbits mechanistically, yes. On the one hand, everything is predictable. They are like a big clock for times and seasons. And time is important. Einstein said that nothing can break the light speed barrier without disturbing the time-space continuum, which he believed would upset everything so much that it just wasn't possible. He couldn't conceive of it.

However, quantum physics has proven that this can indeed happen and it likely happens all the time. If you put pressure on a system, the particles (or planets lets just say) will move and behave differently. Then when you take the pressure off, those particles go back to where they were before, faster than light speed.

Which  means that they time travel.

There are no instruments yet that can detect that they ever moved. Yet they did. In fact, everything changed.

If this is too unscientific for you, here is a study that I think I have quoted before:

In a Princeton University study, participants projected their intentions at a machine that generates random numbers, with the goal of influencing the machine to generate a predictable pattern of numbers. The results were astounding: In the majority of the 256,000 trials of the experiment, the participants were able to influence the machine. The Princeton study also included some other fascinating details:

  • The results were better when the subjects bonded with the machines––similar to how people bond with their cars––before trying to exert influence.
  • The study involved not only individuals but also pairs. Among all the subjects, couples in love were the most able to influence the machines.
  • The most astonishing of the results is that subjects were able to influence the machines after the machines had already run, suggesting that the power of the mind is not limited by ordinary constraints of time and space.

My friend Sheridan told me a story that illustrates her understanding of this concept. She was looking for something and felt sure it was in a certain cupboard. She opened the cupboard and it wasn't there. She thought to herself. "I should have prayed first, and it would have been in this cupboard."

This is how God gets so much done. He's not subject to time. He's got a telephone book that is way bigger inside and it can take him whenever he wants. And we can too.

But let's go back to the stars and planets. Did anyone start doing the Meditation to Increase your IQ that I recently posted? It's only 11 minutes. You can do it with me in this video here:

It's amazing! You are moving planets around! Not only does it increase your intelligence, but it is practice being a creator and playing with time. I challege everyone to add this 11 mintues into your Sadhana every day for 120 days. That's all you need to increase your intelligence. What's 120 days of your life? You can avoid a lot of challenges just by be being more intelligent. It is also good for depression and inner anger.

Maybe you also remember the effect that the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction had on certain U.S. presidents? This meditation can give you the power to override. To create peace on earth. This meditation gives you the power to go beyond what is written in the stars. I personally love to do it to the sound of the gong because that gong is the sound of creation and it was what outer space sounds like.

A friend just sent me this amazing find from the book of Job, Chapter 38.
31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?32 Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?33 Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth? 
Read it in context if you wish. It's all about how God is great. Wahe Guru.

So the point is that the actions of man can change things, for better or worse. Sometimes the group actions of humans influence things so dramatically that the cosmos do unexpected things. And if humans below care to observe, they may learn what's coming, and how to prevent it or speed it up.

That's all for now.

Sat Nam.


  1. You're rocking my world. I guess I better add this meditation to my sadhana because between all this info and the books you recommended I read I need all the help I can't get to digest all the enlightenment!

  2. Is there somewhere to read about this meditation somewhere? Like the KRI? I would just like to learn more about the details. Thanks!