This year, I decided that I am going to figure out fasting. It's my gospel principle of the year. Like my word of the year, it also chose me. It just nagged and nagged at me. It is just glaringly apparent that as with so many gospel principles, there is a whole lot more to it. And probably 97%  of us are not getting it, myself included.

I will admit I spent years avoiding it. I had blood sugar issues, weight gain issues, and a whole lot of other excuses and I was so grateful when I had the legitimate pregnancy/nursing excuse that I could milk for years. Interestingly, that is when I started to wake up to it's power.

I just did a podcast with Andy about fasting. It was a good discussion and we talked for almost and hour but I feel like I just barely scratched the surface. And so many people have been asking me questions about it since then and I feel a little bit overwhelmed with how much there is I want to share and it's not really coherent. Maybe because I'm supposed to share it in a different way....

For one thing, fasting is a really ancient practice and it is an advanced spiritual discipline. Shamans and great yogis were often required to do extensive fasting as part of their training. Basically it accelerates spiritual growth and learning and power. And it strips away all our defenses and barriers. It opens up a person psychically. Some people call it a gateway to the supernatural. All these are benefits when fasting is done properly. There are good and bad ways to fast. There are really stupid ways to fast. Preparation for and how you break the fast are super important. I talk about some of those on the podcast.

I am realizing right now that the best way I can share with you is to share my fasting journal. I am in the middle of a long fast (25 days- I explain it on the podcast) and I have been keeping a journal. It is brazenly personal and so I will have to edit it some but I feel like I don't really have anything to hide, either, so be ready for what might be too much information. Eek. My dreams are crazy. Luckily I know how to interpret dreams or I might lock myself up. I know we are taught not to publicly advertise when we are fasting but I feel like when no one talks about something, no one learns or grows. And I would be seriously insane to do this for vanity's sake.

It's funny how when I started doing all this research about fasting (before actually jumping in), I felt super hungry and had all these weird cravings. Maybe just reading this is having that affect on you. If so, go enjoy something for me. Food is a privilege and a gift.

If this blog post is not coherent, please forgive me. I'm a little space, but in a good sort of blissed out way.


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