Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Update on Babies!

Back at the end of January I wrote a post about my experience with 30 unborn souls  who asked me to help them find parents. Immediately after the post went live I received texts and emails from people saying they would take one. How wonderful. Within a few days I felt like I had most of them placed. I want to share one though that has been pretty special. The first person to text me was Siri Dharma Kaur, my friend also known as Katy. She said she'd be happy to take one if it wanted to come to their family.

Right away I texted back that there was a really cute girl who would like that.

Katy said her daughter would be thrilled to have a sister.

So that was it. I figured she would just come, but after a month or two Katy felt like she wasn't going to come the usual way and she started to ask if I thought maybe she would come through adoption.

Of course! I said, remembering that the little girl in my vision who put her hands on my face and asked me to help had black skin. I realized that being black was part of her mission here and so adoptions was the way that she was going to come to them!

Yay. So in a matter of a few miraculous days, okay maybe 2 weeks, after they decided to do adoption, Katy's husband got a promotion, they sold their home in one day for cash and found a new home in a new state where his new job is and they got their adoption profile up!

It feels like are being helped a lot. This baby is coming and soon. So I am sharing their adoption profile so that you can be part of this and if you know of any young women who are expecting a baby girl that they would like to place for adoption with a good family please share their profile.  I personally endorse them as a great couple and great parents and family.

This little girl is very special and will help and bless the lives of her birth mom and her family as well as her adoptive parents. She has already blessed mine and has informed me her name and that she wants me around. So I am going to be an auntie soon. I am super excited. I wish I could post a picture of what she actually looks like but that is in my mind and not on film, so it's only mine right now. But one day I'll post her real picture. Can't wait to meet her on this plane of existence.

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