Friday, May 8, 2015

Aloha, Mahalo

I have been on an amazing journey since the March 31 White Tantric Yoga event when I finished all my generational healing and chain breaking. I haven't blogged much since then and I have wondered why. I think because for the first time, this journey has been my own and it's kind of nice to have some privacy. There are no ancestors's subconscious patterns or thought forms joining me on this ride for the last 40 ish days. So much of what I have experienced since then has been unsayable. So I am just letting it grow and ripen.

But I will share a few awesome things that I have been up to:

Sat Nam Fest! Sat Nam Fest is a Kundalini Yoga Music Festival in April in Joshua Tree California. They also have on on the East Coast in Oct. I love this event. This was our second year going. Amarjot loves it too. She got to sing on stage with Snatam Kaur again, and I got to do yoga with iconic teachers and dance at concerts and look into the eyes of other beautiful souls who looked into mine. It was mostly bliss, plus a lot of dust up one's nostrils. But I can take it. Amarjot was a good camper too.

closing day.
Amarjot did lots of her own work. She set a powerful intention and all of her own chain breaking was done after Krisha Kaur's class.

I love the desert sunrises and sunsets. But boy the weather changes 20 degrees fast.

Singing with Snatam Kaur

Camp. Our tent is the red one. A mansion tent.

Don't worry mom. I'll keep my white shirt clean. 

A few days after unpacking from one event, I got to pack for another. We flew to Hawaii the day after tax day. Hawaii.... It's another country really. 
Inhale. Inhale more. Inhale more.

Retro Aloha

 I did a Level 2 course on the island of Kauai that was incredible and challenging and I made great friends and I had a few days off to explore and snorkel.

Be the light house

Level 2 besties
Our outdoor yoga classroom.

The epitome of Kauai. I stayed with a local yogi. 
One of my yogi teachers. I love her.
Portable outdoor traveling beach classroom at Anini Beach. Not so bad.  

Sunset at Ke-e Beach  in Kauai. Look at the light all around me!

On one my snorkel adventures I played with 3 sea turtles and one of them looked me in the eye and gave me a transmission mind to mind. I was deep and unsayable, but mostly it was about how not everything needs to be said. I love sea turtles. They have wings. And they are super calm. Good energy.
Sea turtle. Not the one I talked to. But a cousin I'm sure. 

Right after we tuned out after finishing Level 2 Mind and Meditation this rainbow appeared. 

After surviving Level 2 gracefully (only a few mental intrigues), I got to fly to the island of Oahu and teach a Christ-centered yoga retreat on the north shore outside Haleiwa town. It was a full week so the dynamic was so different than my normal retreat. Some guests joined only for the weekend, but those who were there all week had a deep and cool journey.
Teaching on the beach. 

Interactive ocean meditation. 

A monk seal decided to join us. He is doing relaxation. Liz is sending him love.

Last night. Breath walk on the beach. 

It was ashram style so we all helped with the food prep and clean up. We experimented with all kinds of yogi Bhajan recipes and can I just say I am IN LOVE with anti-smog pancakes. If you make them from this link or the book don't add 6 additional cups of water like it says. Only about 1 cup. There was a typo in the original recipe and everyone copies it, so if you don't know that it won't work so well for you. But 2 cups total should be enough water. We were all a little afraid of them because they have wierd ingredients but we all were surprised at how good they turned out. YUM! You can serve them with syrup or yogurt or some jalepeno mint chutney.  I have been craving them since. I need to go out and buy some parsley and jalepenos so I can make some more. 

I also made Kitcheree and Yogi Mush. Yogi mush is pretty good too, especially with the cottage cheese. Yum.
Yogi Mush

I got to go to the Laei temple and took Amarjot to the PCC night show, which sort of felt like the temple in a way.

I didn't realize it till half way through the retreat that we were healing the islands (lots of polarity there) and they were healing me too. 

Did you know that Aloha is an invocation of the divine, and Mahalo is a divine blessing. Most people think it just means hello/love and thank you. But it is so much more. The native Hawaiian language is very high vibrating with all of it's vowel sounds. I love it. Especially the name of the state fish. There is a song about it. Shout out if you know it.

After the retreat, Amanjeet Kaur (Nancy) and Liz and I stopped spur of the moment at this sacred birthing site where all the old Hawaiian royalty was born.

At the sacred birthing stones in the Piku of the island.

It is in the piku (or belly button of the island) in the exact center of the island. Lots of people come there and leave offerings for fertility and birthy people go there and do birthy things, like healing circles or what not. I thought it was very interesting considering some of the things each of us had gone through during the week and all the rebirth that happened. Very special.

Amarjot joined me for part of the retreat and while I was in Kauai, Amanjeet (Nancy) took care of her and gave her a daily dose of the ocean, which is her happy pill (mine too if you want to know).  

We only just got back a few days ago, and it's hard to reintegrate to mainland life. I am glad I live in small town that is pretty quiet. But I still miss the islands. I have a feeling I will be back. Several yogis on Kauai were really excited about the work I am doing with the LDS population and have decided to be my missionaries to the LDS people and share my book with them. Fun, huh! I'll write more about it sometime. 

Till then, Aloha, and Mahalo. 

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