Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Adventures - Come Join Me

In my last post I announced that I will be leaving my beautiful nest here in Southern California's best kept secret to go to Utah for the whole summer. God has me working on some things there and He says "there are more treasures than one for you in this city." So I am going where He wants me to go.

However, I am still a mom first and in the summer that is a full-time gig. So my teaching appearances will be limited, but I thought I would announce a few of them if you want to come. I have so many students now in the Salt Lake area that I haven't met and would love the opportunity. 

But first, if you have even remotely thought about doing my Imagery training, this might be your last chance. I'll be doing it in Pocatello, Idaho May 28-30, 2015. I have a feeling there will be no other trainings for a while, although I follow inspiration and unless someone bribes me to go back to Hawaii and do it there, I don't forsee anymore live trainings in imagery for a while. So register while there is still space. I know there a few people who still need to come. You know who you are. So click here now and God will stop nagging you. 

Following fun times in Idaho, I will be in Salt Lake most of the summer being a mom and taking care of the projects God has for me to do. 

Right I only have 3 things on my public calendar. Here they are:

I'm subbing for Khushbir Monday evening June 8 and June 15 at Dancing Cranes in Salt Lake City at 5:00 pm. (The yoga room is in the back corner) I know it's a random time, but the store closes at 7 so that is when they have class. The class is 1.5 hours and it is only $9! The store has a cafe so you can come and eat dinner after and still make it home for FHE. Or bring the whole family and call it FHE.

Peace Feast--which I just blogged about: Date still TBA

I will also be teaching at the afternoon session of this event. July 11, 2015.  It's a one day Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshop. You can attend all day or for just the morning half or afternoon half. The morning will be great for absolute beginners or people who have begun their meditation practice but still haven't done much of the yoga. From there you will be better prepared for the afternoon session (after a great lunch). Or if you already feel like you have the basics down and just want to come for lunch and the afternoon session, you have that option too. I am really looking forward to teaching at this space at the Krisha temple in Spanish Fork. The Hari Krishnas and I go way back. I used to eat with them every Sunday in Los Angeles. 

The event is Christ-centered, but it is open to all and I hope you bring anyone you want to, because Kundalini Yoga is for everyone and Christ Consciousness is for everyone. 

Click the picture above to buy tickets. I am not hosting this event though so if you have questions please address them to the hostess. Sat Nam!

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  1. I am moving back to Utah in June! I am definitely going to take some classes :)