Sunday, May 17, 2015

Intuitive Teen Summer Camp

Does your teen see dead people? Hear voices? Know things before they are known or before they happen? 


There are lots of kids coming in with these gifts or waking up to them suddenly. They are legit spiritual gifts, but chances are, if you are a teenager you are not super excited to have them. Being a teen is about wanting to fit in. I have worked with some pretty special kids and teens and most of them have no one else that is like them that they can talk to. And often they feel like they are crazy. They can be somewhat troubled at times, but they are awesome.

I realized that kids like this need to be able to meet people like them, and they need adults who can mentor them in these gifts. And probably most importantly, they need to learn a spiritual discipline like meditation that will help them regularly empty the garbage of the mind and balance their elements (which are often out of balance in the teen years). If you have ever watched Kung Fu Panda or read Lego chima or watched ninja movies you know that super powers without meditation are not a good thing. 

 So I am working with several other people to put together a teen girls camp.  Girls only right now during our pilot program. (Sorry boys.) It will be one week in a cabin Aug 3-8, 2015. The location will probably be McCall Idaho--North of Boise, but we are also toying with Star Valley, Wyoming. 

The girls will have opportunities to not only learn and be mentored by awesome teachers during the camp, they will also do normal fun summer camp stuff like water sports or hiking and outdoorsy things.  

My intention is writing this post is that it will bring the girls to us that need to be at that camp. So if you have a teen girl that WANTS to go to something like this and meets the qualifications of having unexplained superpowers, then please contact me. 

We are also looking for sponsors who want to donate to this, because God told us we can't charge the girls more than a certain amount of money and it's going to cost us more than that to provide this experience for them. So if you want to help provide for one or more girls to come, let us know. Or if you have a large cabin in some healing place or if you are passionate about working with teens or somehow being involved, let me know. 

Sat Nam. 


  1. This summer my daughter is learning and growing on an exchange in Spain, but next summer I would love for her to go! (and me, too!)

  2. Curious if this came to fruition & how it went. Looking for something similar for 2016