Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Creation Of the Earth

At the New Year New You Retreat, I taught a small group writing workshop. It was for anyone who felt like they had a book or story or poem or blog post that they needed to write. Everyone was of different experience levels, but I like to encourage anyone who want to to go for it. There may already be a lot of books out there. There is a lot of everything out there. But we aren't done discovering all of our great literary minds or thinkers and world leaders. The world hasn't discovered all the Martin Luther Kings or Marianne Williamsons or C.S. Lewises. And it might be you. So we sat down and we wrote. 5 minute exercises. And everyone had an experience. This is something that I started there, quite by accident. The prompt was: write about something you couldn't possible remember, such as the creation of the earth, your grandparents wedding, etc. As I did this, I found that I sort of do remember. And I have access to all that. Anyway. I thought I would share. I hope you enjoy.  

The Creation of the Earth

The creation of the earth
Was my favorite project. I was
Just a baby spirit then. I was in my
Elephant phase. I thought, When I
Grow up, I want to be an elephant.
Of course, all of this changed when I
Saw the ocean.

God stretched forth his gigantic arm,
The one with the branches growing out of it
And spoke to the clouds and the gusts of grey
Matter and they began to dance and sing and
Praise Him.

The water appeared. Still singing,
The fish singing too.
That is where I found myself
Deep in the ocean, fish-like and swimming
Praising His name in all languages at once
Thunderous, undulating sound.

My astral body slid
Through matter.  
I became nothing
But purple light.  I became myself.
Suddenly older.  A wise old soul
In whose golden eyes I cannot touch bottom.
I am beautiful and motherly, or
Maybe that is the Great Mother.
Her crown shines peaceful light-ocean
And I am part of Her.
Plunging to the surface
Like the silver dolphin
Shooting sparks.

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