Thursday, February 5, 2015

Writing Workshop? Hmmm.

I have been thinking about this for a while. I guess I got my seventh witness yesterday. So I am putting it out there. I have been a writer forever. It is one of the few things that I actually put after the words I AM and feel that is true and a respectful use of God's name. I used to teach writing and also write as my sole work. But I have been sort of absorbed in the infinite for a few years and mostly writing blog posts and books for Him. But that is shifting and I need to work on my own writing again, And I keep running into other people who feel like they need to write something and need help.

So I am thinking about offering a workshop to teach, help, coach, mentor, and support anyone on the writing journey. My main area of expertise is Creative Nonfiction. Which includes memoir, essay, blogging (although I still don't think blogging is a legit genre. Maybe when I get over that I'll take my own blog more seriously and proof read it for typos. Sigh. Please don't judge me by my blog. If you care, my creative blog, with not many typos, is here.) and I can also give good feedback on fiction and poetry. My best friend (one of them) is an awesome poet. We workshop a lot and I have her in my back pocket as a guest.  

I guess I am not committing till I see who is interested. Don't leave comments only on FB because then they disappear. Leave one here or email me.  It's not for sure. But I bet it will also include some guided imagery to help make us more creative and talk to our muses or our characters. We'd write and workshop and support each other, I would give feedback on anything you turn in each week even if it is not your week to be workshopped by the group. I'm a pretty good writing teacher if I can say so. My feedback is golden and my classes are golden. I've helped lots of people publish books. And I miss doing that kind of thing. People's lives change through writing. I kind of love it as much as Kundalini Yoga. In a different way. It's the Word.

Here are more details.... The class would be online. Live. Once per week and emails in between. And the price would be whatever a really good writing class in your area would cost. Or a really good online writing class would cost. You can look into UCLA writer's extension online catalogue for ideas. All the teachers there are my colleagues and friends. So if you decide to take one there instead I can recommend who to try.

The price for the class would be based on what you think it is worth. And it has to be a sacrifice or you won't be committed. So think about it, and email me if you are serious. No one serious will be turned away--if I do it. If there is enough interest. I think it will start soon because I am traveling in April a lot. So if we start soon we could do about 6 weeks. Then maybe we can pick it back up again in May and share major revisions and revelations.

Yours in Peace. Sat Nam.

Nam Joti Kaur


  1. Yes! I would love to participate in this. This sounds challenging and fun. Writing is essential to my life and has been an effective tool for my personal healing.

  2. Okay. who are you? email me. I am putting together now.