Friday, February 13, 2015

Living Water - Fast Dairy Days 12-17

Day 12?- I  have lost track of the days.  But I am seeing some amazing things happening. I was studying fasting in the scriptures again and I read about Moses on Mt. Sianai and how he went 40 days without food or water. I realized God was telling me I was wrong about the water thing. In my first podcast on fasting I said how it is kind of down on cutting out water, even for 24 hours because of the whole dehydration thing and I noted how most people are already dehydrated. I think God was showing me that I was wrong and wants me to admit it. I knew Jesus has fasted 40 days without food or water but I figured it was because he was Jesus. I think about how we are taught by science and medicine that we will die in 3 days without water. But Moses was a man and he obviously found a way to do it. Then I remembered the Non-eating Saint in Yogananda's autobiography. She hasn't had any food or water in 63 years (or hadn't at the time of his writing). There was also a stigmatist whom Yogananda met who also didn't eat or drink.  So God can obviously prepare a way sometimes... for the very faithful. 

Later that day in Sunday School we were studying that chapter in John where Jesus talks to the woman at the well of Living Water. "whomsoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life." (John 4:14) 

For an instant I dread what was coming next. Was God going to ask me to do this? Was He going to test my faith in this way? In a moment the dread faded and I knew I could and would do it if that was the call. 

Then my thoughts we back to Jesus Christ. He was both mortal and God and so he didn't NEED to eat. And in fact in that same chapter in John he tells his disciples "I have meat to eat that ye know not of." His disciples think this is literal and ask themselves if they say him hiding any food. Then he tells them "My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work."

I though of how Jesus didn't need to eat but yet he understood the importance of feeding people actual food as well as spiritual food, as he did on many occasions. And he understood the importance of breaking bread with friends. The spiritual significance of sharing a meal. 

Not long after that the spirit told me I would not be cutting out water, but that I would be invited to a meal and I would eat whatever they served me. 

This happened and I so I did. I didn't eat the meat, because I knew I didn't have to, but I ate other food I hadn't eaten in a while and it was fine. In a way it was more difficult than going without water, but because I felt love for the friends I was with, I allowed that love and my prayer to purify and sanctify the food. 

Day 13- Thought maybe after last night I could have another cheat day. It didn't work. I couldn't even think about eating anything else, even healthy stuff. The day was borderline horrible for reasons I won't go into, but by the end I felt like I knew what I needed to do. I feel like I have been guided to eliminate a few more things during the fast. One is Facebook. I can live without it and I do many days, but now I am off it as of immediately until after my fast is over. I might get friends to post important stuff but I won't bother with it. I also have taken email off my phone and have limited myself to only check it on my computer once per day. I feel so peaceful already. And I think I need to limit blogging too. Once per week is good. I might actually get some personal writing done now. And attend to some neglected householder duties. Sigh. Love it. 

Day 14-  I love mung bean soup again! My body is really happy about it. And I have discovered so many new fruits. I figured out how to set my phone so that at certain times it silences all calls unless they are from certain people. This is so liberating. I also have trained myself to put it in airplane mode during meditation. I don't get many calls or texts during the Amrit Vela, but sometimes it still happens and when I do my evening meditations it happens a lot. So yay. I feel so peaceful. I felt meditative all day. I connected with Amarjot in a way that I don't do enough. It was so great. I feel like we are both being prepared for something beautiful and you have to sometimes empty your hands before you can accept a gift.  

Day 17 - I feel like I have turned a corner in the last few days. It has been quiet and full of love and light and learnings. The fruits are beautiful. Wahe guru.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Turning off devices and making limits with social media is a hard thing, but it sounds like it liberated you. I like the idea. I silence my phone when I go to bed and if mt kids really need us, they can call their dad's phone. I also leave it in another room while I do yoga. I haven't mastered cutting down facebook, but when I am really busy I don't miss it.