Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What I Learned About Fasting and the Universal Mind

I ended my 25 day mono-fast last week. It is difficult to summarize all the learnings and gifts and some of them are beyond the scope of sharing. But here are some take aways:

I used to hate and avoid fasting, but now I look forward to it. I have tools for dealing with the hunger--or more accurately--the withdrawals from food. Number one is feasting on the word, including the scriptures, and sharing my testimony out loud.

I have done other kinds of fasts but food is so powerful because it really does remind you every hour of every day that you are dependent on God for everything. Food and water are so central to our human existence. It is a life or death issue--which gives great opportunities to confront deeper issues that wouldn't normally be triggered. Which can then be healed. Wahe Guru.

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Though I was very triggered through most of the first half of the fast, I am so grateful for all the layers of garbage it uncovered. I love what pastor Peter Haas says about fasting: "Fasting is one of the most amazing spiritual disciplines that God gives us.  It’s a mirror that reveals the truest state of our self discipline. It’s one of the few disciplines which reveals the true state of our self-denial muscles. And if that sounds scary, consider your alternatives: Crisis and moral failure also reveal this.  So, we have a choice: Preventative Humility vs. Humiliation.

I grew to love the feeling of being totally focused on the light all the time. By the end I felt like I was living in heaven and on earth. I think setting boundaries with internet and media really helped. There was so much more peace and love at home and in everything--every blade of grass. I guess I noticed blades of grass more.

The whole experience opened me up psychically in amazing ways. I started to remember lots of things from my pre-mortal life, though there is still much to make sense of. I don't think any of us really know who we are or who our children and neighbors are. If we could we'd be in awe.

It was strange to go back to eating any kind of food. I still like mung bean soup and I look forward to eating it often. I also look forward to fasting without food or water on Fast Sundays and moon days (new moon, full moon, etc) in the future.

I still feel like there is so much to discover about fasting. But here is the biggest thing that I feel like I need to share right now. It has to do with the Collective Unconscious, as Jung called it, or the Universal Mind if you prefer Emmerson's term for it. If you have never heard either term before, it is basically the group mind, including God's mind. We all contribute to it. We can all tap into it to access knowledge and information, etc., because we are truly all one.

The trouble comes when you forget we are all connected, or when you think your mind is independently owned an operated. These are the times that the mind is most heavily influenced by other minds on a very low level frequency. The reason anxiety is so prevalent right now is because there are powers that want it to be that way and they are using a lower vibration channel of the collective unconscious to transmit that energy to any receptor sites they find available. This is not a new idea to me, but what was new was this:

Those who have elevated themselves though Christ consciousness and are en-lightened can consciously put higher frequency beliefs into the collective unconscious. True, if we are all connected they are already there, but we can chose to have them energetically broadcast wider in the same manner but on purer channels than the dark side/illusion is using. All any person will need to access them is a simple desire to feel something better.

The power of one enlightened person is more than 100,000 who are not--(whether they be dark, or just unhappy or tending toward entropy).

So I invite anyone who feels good today to join me in publishing peaceful messages into the collective unconscious. Here are just a few I have been thinking of:

 "Peace I give unto you..."

Forgiving will set me free.

I am easy to love. 

I can talk to God and get answers. 

I also feel like we can use our powerful minds not just to send word messages but also images. Here are a couple I'm putting out there. 

It was decreed before the world was. The dove is a symbol that can not be usurped by darkness. 

Someday soon  I'll explain why I love this picture.

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