Monday, November 3, 2014

Get Healthy Spirituality and Sexuality Now

I have been talking about it and I now have the curriculum ready for my Spirituality and Sexuality class. And it starts in a little more than a week. It will be a live class, but as always you can watch the recording later at your convenience. What will this class series do for you? Probably way more than I can list, but here are a few possibilities.

Heal and release sexual phobias, perversions, habits, addictions, fears, etc.
Heal from abuse.
Have a better spiritual and sexual life with your spouse.
Have a better celibate life.
Learn to transform and use your unused creative power for healing your body.
Be happier.
Love yourself and others more.
Look younger and more beautiful.
Be more balanced.
Learn the meaning of ecstasy, which is a blissful union with God.
Get resources to teach your teens and friends.

So feel free to click the Register Button Now.

If you don't click it now, you may not be able to take it this time around. OH no! Scarcity. Well it really is true. I can only fit so many people on my live feed. So Register Now.

I had one woman comment that if you look at porn you can't really get better until you stop looking. While it is a good idea to stop your bad habits before you enroll in a kind of treatment program, I think she was seriously underestimating the power of Kundalini Yoga. It can get people of Coke and Meth. So whether you have a porn addiction or are currently a prostitute or are just a sweet mom or dad who wants to love yourself more, this class is for you. No rules. No judgement. Just show up and you will get the benefits. Teens are welcome too. There will be no explicit content, but I recommend parents preview the lecture part of the class.

So if you haven't already, register NOW.  Right Here. I look forward to it!

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