Saturday, November 1, 2014

What I Learned Traveling Without Purse Or Scrip... Or Script

After two months on the road my daughter told me she was done traveling. So if you are wondering where we are headed next, the answer is nowhere, for a while. She needs stability and misses her best friend. I could have kept going, but I could see that she was done. So we came home to California and are looking for a house again in our small town. And a car. We basically gave up everything when we left. I feel like God is working out the house thing here [since I wrote this I found a house. Yay!], but there is someone else out there with an extra car that he is working with on. So if you have a car you have been thinking about giving away, or letting me use for a year or so, let me know.

Here is what I have learned from basically 2 months of being on tour.

1. I learned that it is good to have a plan, but it's good to be flexible and I realized that I just has to teach wherever people would gather. I taught in back yards, pilates studios and offices and even at churches.

2. I guess God had to bait and switch me with enticings of the South of France and Bali, but He doesn't have to do that anymore. I will happily go to less exotic places if He so desires.

2. I learned to totally release attachment to the false God and false security of "Home." We must learn to rely on God to be our home. Ironically once I really learned that He brought us home.

3. I learned even more that God is my provider. He often does it through others, but often through miracles too, if we are open to them.

4. I saw and interacted with a lot of people I wouldn't normally. I observed a very judgmental part of myself that at first I was embarrassed to even notice. I tried to shove it down deep, but then I told myself to just observe the thoughts without judgment. Which is when I realized it wasn't me--and it instantly disappeared. [Aha! My friend Michelle told me about her Three Categories of Thoughts: God's, Satan's, Mine.]

5. I developed more spiritual gifts and super powers. I witnessed others do the same. Everyone is waking up now. Little children and old men. Everyone. It's not crazy. It's the prophecy.

6. I saw my 8-year-old do a 31-minute meditation. Several times. I watched her inspire adults and other children.

7. I became more humble and more meek. I strengthened my nervous system. I also saw its limits.

8. I met some cool yogis and yoginis who are totally interested in what I am doing with the LDS people. I once joked that I should write Mormons explained for Kudnalini Yogis, but now I think I might actually do it. (It would be a free e-book.)

9. It was so fun to connect with all the people I have mentored, but I know that we are all spread out for a reason. For now. But someday we will all sit down in Zion together. And I can't wait for that day.

10. When I was staying with people, many of them told me about their patriarchal blessings. They were amazing. We live in amazing times.

11.  I learned that the eye of a gong can be awakened. I learned that the gong has an eye. My gong is now awakened.

12. What the baboons symbolize in Fascimile No. 2.

13. About 200,000 other things, but mostly that I am so loved... And so are you.

Here are some pictures of our peeps in various places. I'll post more pictures soon once I get them off my phone.

Gentri and me


So much to look at.

Allie and me. 

baby Sarah

DC temple

Chablis and me

Shark Tooth Bay. East Coast

Bailey. Idaho. Been home less than 24 hours in this picture.

Stacia and 

tired of driving

Scenic route


Amarjot and her new friends in New Mexico

Best indian food is right next to this picture.

One of my besties. Love this girl
Steve. A friend I met at the fire cermony

Fire ceremony in Utah

Amarjot's future nanny. I hope.

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