Friday, November 21, 2014

The Chain Has Been Broken!

The Chain Had\s Been Broken
Sarah Cooksley

Abuse and neglect are patterns of behavior that have long threads travelling through my family lines. My mother did her best to help me and my siblings overcome difficult circumstances and emotional abuse from our father, but she was never given the right tools to handle things in the most efficient way. She has done the best she could, and for that I am grateful.
I feel that meditation has helped me to change habits and deeply ingrained thought patterns in my life. Meditation has also given me greater insight into my mother. I know that she volunteered to bear the brunt of the pain and heartache of abuse and neglect so that she could be the catalyst for change in our family. She was able to save her children from being brought up in a dysfunctional home through her divorce and, eventually, in moving her small family to a different country.
My path toward Kundalini Yoga was put into motion many years before I found this technology. Preparations began when I was a young teenager, during family counselling sessions and tentative attempts to meditate on my own without any instruction or guidance.
Now, many years later, my children are being raised by a mother who knows herself better than ever before. They meditate with me and have seen the difference in our family life. I think I can safely say that the chain of abuse has been broken; the chain that stretched back through several generations of my ancestors no longer binds me.

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