Wednesday, November 12, 2014

If You Feel Uncomfortable

I have encountered about every kind of person on my journey. People are complex and have many different motives and subconscious programs, but there is one that has been bothering me and I have finally frozen it in time long enough to examine it. Here is the lesson:

Fear of doing wrong can often lead us to not do what is best (on a scale of Good, Better, Best) and sometimes to even do what is wrong.

I know a lot of good people who are very cautious and I appreciate that when it comes to faith, but caution and fear are two different things. Let  me be more specific.

I know a woman who had some amazing spiritual gifts, but she was afraid of them, and asked God to take them away because she thought Satan would be able to get to her through her spiritual gifts. So basically Satan did get to her through her fear. And she denied the gifts. So now she is just sort of existing in this haze of self-righteousness where she feels protected but isn't really advancing much. Don't get me wrong. She is still going very good things and God still uses her to for good. But she is missing a lot. A LOT.

I was really angry for a few days after she told me this story. I wanted to scream, "But Satan got you anyway!" I finally realized that she has her agency and I had accept and let her live her choices. After all, God honored her agency and did take away the gifts.

So while I know that people are being led astray left and right, and I know it's good to be cautious, I want you to know that I don't post anything on this blog to make people happy. I do it because these posts come to me and I always get a second or third witness and so I have to write them.

Because I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

The truth is I am not writing anything here to gain popularity or to be controversial or to have any sort of limelight. Being a spiritual teacher is the last thing I ever thought I would be doing. But here I am. Blessed.

And if the prophet of God's church asked me to stop publishing my book or my blog I would. I have no attachment to my words here. I want everyone to know this. If the prophet told me to leave everything and go live in a tent camp tomorrow, I would. I hope you would, too.

So If I have published anything on this blog that makes you uncomfortable, I think that before writing it off you might look at why it makes you uncomfortable. Discomfort does not always mean something is wrong. It means that you feel discomfort. Do you remember the first time you drove a car. Super uncomfortable, right? Or the first time you chanted a mantra? Or heard that Joesph Smith was into astrology? Some things take some getting used to. But eventually they make sense.

So examine why you are uncomfortable. If it is fear, then I recommend fully examining that fear and dismantling it with some meditation. Then maybe do some research. And pray about everything you read here. If you disagree with me on things, that is okay. If you feel confused or angry or annoyed that is also okay and probably a good opportunity to work through stuff.  May you be blessed on your journey. Sat nam

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