Monday, November 24, 2014

What Is Sexual Energy For?

Last week I shared some information with my Spirituality and Sexuality class that I feel should be more widely known. So I am posting it here.

Here is the quote from the Kriya notes:

"In our culture we are taught to view sex in terms of pleasure and reproduction. We aren't educated in the need for moderation in sex in order to maintain health and nerve balance. Sexual experience in correct consciousness can give you the experience of God and bliss, but before that can occur, you must charge your sexual batteries and possess a real potency. Seminal fluids, male and female, contain high concentrations of minerals and elements crucial to proper nerve balance and brain function. The sexual fluid is reabsorbed by the body if it is allowed to  mature. Its essence or "Ojas" is transported into the spinal fluid. Running your mind without ojas is like running your car without oil-- you wear out quickly. About 90% of your sexual energy is used to repair and rejuvenate the organs of the body. 
The normal span of potency for a yogi is equal to the length of his life. In the United States potency wanes even in the early forties a generates sexual energy and transmutes it into ojas and healing force. 
I love it when the small box we have put something in gets blown up. The yogis knew that sexual energy is so much more than what we are currently fed to believe. It is our most powerful energy. It can create life. It is your source of creative productivity but also is important in regenerating and rejuvinating the body. So when people are highly sexually active, whether in a marriage or with everyone they date, or if the masturbate all the time, they are missing the real point. Not only will their body, and their ability to use it, wear out quickly, but true bliss can never be experienced unless it is done in correct consciousness.

This is such a great kriya and I love teaching it. I'm pretty sure everyone felt elevated afterward. If you aren't talking my spirituality and sexuality series you can still register here. The classes are all recorded and I am still adding new ones each week.

Sat Nam

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