Thursday, November 20, 2014

Imagery With Amarjot

I had the most amazing experience with my daughter last night. We have had many amazing times this past few months. Here is a little back story: Amarjot has been seeing angels for I don't know how long, but she has been talking about it for about the last year and a half. She sees them as spots of color. Some large and some small. She doesn't see them all the time, but when she is calm and tuned into her spiritual nature, she will see them.

One night she saw dozens of them in our room when we were staying with some friends. We were trying to read our scriptures and then she started laughing and playing with the little lights that were moving around the room. She was so full of joy as she described them. She laughed as she tried to catch one in her hands, but her fingers went right through it. She pretended to pet the little blue spot of light. It sounded like a laser show, but i couldn't see any of it. At least, not the way she could, but with my spiritual eyes I could imagine what she was describing and I could feel them in the room.

At times she can talk to them and hear/feel answers back. It's really sweet. At one of the yoga classes I taught while on our tour she turned to me after the tune in and said, with wide eyes, that she saw a round ball of color over everyone's head. Everyone in the room. She said they were all different colors.

Well, last night she was telling me that she doesn't really believe they are angels. They must just be something wrong with her eyes. I think someone must have been telling her this. Maybe Satan. Sounds like him. So she was having a doubting moment and I was telling her that she saw them and that they were really angels. But we weren't getting anywhere because she was in an argumentative mood. So I decided to try something different.

I asked her if I could show her how I sometimes see angels. She agreed and laid on the bed and I guided her through a relaxation and into the imagery state. I have only done this with her one other time successfully. She is a natural daydreamer, but until recently, she wasn't old enough to really do the guided imagery kind of thing. So this time I was just hoping and winging it.

I asked her to imagine a special place. She described a white house with a white fence around it and said when she opened the door she felt so much peace. She started to cry. She said she felt so happy she was crying. Inside was a small little girl angel that she described down to the hair and clothes. She had a very sweet conversation with the angel, who she knew. She knew her from before. I knew her too.

The angel told her that the spots she sees are indeed angels. As I watched my daughter in this blissful trance I saw her whole body glowing with light. She was so angelic looking. She was crying tears of joy. I was too.

I asked if she wanted to ask anything else of her angel and she said: "I just want to spend some time with her." So I gave them some time together and when the time was right and after parting words, I brought her back to her waking state.

When she opened her eyes she looked at me with the most pure expression of love I have ever seen. I asked her if she had ever felt that much peace before. I told her that is what Heaven feels like and what I feel like often when I meditate. I told her that it was through the Holy Ghost that she felt that feeling. She hugged me and didn't let go for a long time. It was pretty special. She said she would never forget that night in her whole life.

I am so grateful that I had this immediate answer to a prayer (said that morning) that I could give her an understanding of the gospel. She felt the peace and love of our Savior. And it was awesome! She wanted to feel it all the time. And it looks like she has already figured out how.

Today we went to yoga class and during one of the meditations she didn't feel like doing she just laid down and guided her self through a journey. She told me about it later. I asked her where she went and she said: same place. She kept the details to herself.

Wahe Guru.

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  1. You are an awesome mother to be sensitive to spiritual experiences of your daughter. These are precious times. I always wish that more mom's would listen to their children more--especially before the age of 5. After 5 years of age they do become more earthbound.