Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Spiritual Ego and Other Pitfalls

So the other day I had this vision of a meadow and some sheep in it and half of the sheep were being killed. And I finally got the message and it was this: half of the flock is being killed and you need to call them to repentance.

Sooooo... this is the message, for anyone who is reading this. It is about pride and spiritual ego.

While on my tour, I heard questions or statements like this from at least 10 people:

"How to do you even go to relief society any more and sit through the lessons? It's so hard, I feel like it is so boring and basic." 

"People don't really get it around here. I totally don't fit in. I feel so alone."

"Now that I am on this enlightened path it is so hard to be around people at work/church/school/etc."

This is called spiritual ego. Pride. And there is also some self-pity in there, which is the other side of pride. And you need to repent if you have been believing these thoughts.  

Spiritual ego is the number one way that Satan leads the spiritually enlightened or gifted astray. So the invitation is to humble yourself and repent and realize that enlightenment only will continue if you are humble and have charity and do the Lord's will and try to recognize that everyone is a child of God and you may have an important role in awakening them.

If you struggle with these feelings, I would like to remind you that they are just feelings and thoughts. You don't have to believe them. Don't believe everything you think.

Another pitfall that so many of us struggle with is letting other people live out their lives. People have free agency. We fought hard for it before we came here. We have to let others use it. It's reasonable to feel upset when people you love make bad choices, but remember that you can't save anyone (that's God's job) and your job is to work on yourself and help others only in appropriate ways.

To get more specific I know a lot of energy healers who will try to "help" their friends or adult children or strangers in ways that don't honor that person's agency. It's okay to pray for people but even when it comes to prayer, you have to allow for God's will in all things.

Oh and one more thing: When you get inspiration and revelation always seek a second witness if it seems a bit strange. Often it is strange, but it is good to have two witnesses. And it's okay to ask for a third just to be sure.

That's the message.

If you want it in longer form, I just did a podcast on the topic of charity.  Peter says that charity "covereth a multitude of sins." So let's pray fervently for more of it.

Sat Nam.

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