Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Equinox, New Moon and The Kids Who Own The Future

Last night was the Fall Equinox. I went to a gathering at a friend's back yard nestled between the river and the mountains where we ate a garden dinner around a fire pit. We got rained on a little but it was nice and then it passed. After we are we all sat down to do some yoga and meditation. There were about 10 kids there and they all sat down with is to meditate.  They were about ages 1 through 8. So I did some warm ups and a short fun yoga kriya and all the kids did it. Even the 1 year old was a total champ and did the full times of all the exercises. I think he had angels doing it with him. Actually the kriya I taught was called "Become as Angels."

Then we danced around to some kundalini remix and then did a couple short meditations. It was so fun to be outside and to dance and do yoga with the kids. I forgot how much fun mommy and me yoga used to be. ( I taught it for 3 years in LA.) 

I couldn't stop smiling and thinking of Jesus and how he always welcomed children. 

My own sweet child, who has just been tagging along on my journey had herself a personal revelation before we left Ojai that she also needs to do Kundalini yoga every day on our trip. She has been going with me to classes for years (she usually sits in back and watches a movie) but since we started our trip she has actually been doing all the yoga and last Monday she did her first 31 minute meditation. I was amazed. It was so cool to be sitting next to her and hear her cute little voice chanting. 

Today she joined in a class I was teaching and did the 11 minute meditation with us. I wish I had taken a lucite of her in the circle wearing her purple shirt that says "the future belongs to me." But I was teaching so I refrained. But here she is an hour later at the falls skipping along. She's a great kid. 

She took lots I pictures of the equinox party but my computer is in the shop so I will have to upload them later. 

I am still I'm idaho and having a great time. Tomorrow is the new moon ( Itvwas today if you live in California) and it is a very special new moon. It is the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana. It is one of the holiest days of the year. And the seeds planted in this month will set the tone for the whole year. So be filled with love and happiness tomorrow and that will be what your year will be like. 

I am teaching a new moon class and healing circle and gong mediation in Pocatello with my former student now fellow teacher Kalyan Kaur at a meditation studio in 6th avenue or street. I don't know. Check my FB page for details if you want to come to this once a year opportunity. 

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