Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mandane Astrology OR Why I Have Such a Difficult Time In Utah But Idaho Loves Me

Mundane Astrology is the use of astrology to study of groups, nations, entities, etc. For example, I mentioned that the United States of America has a natal chart. So does each state in the union and each city and corporations do too.

I just realized that Utah is a Capricorn state, and therefore ruled by Saturn. Salt Lake City is also a Capricorn City. If you don't know anything about any of the planets you should at least know the reputation of Saturn. It is known as the IRS of the Zodiac. That means it doesn't have a sense of humor. It makes tracks things and makes statements. It makes sure everything adds up. If it doesn't it does an audit and it is often not pretty. So Utah is a place where people often come and learn hard lessons.

Idaho on the other hand, is just different. I can feel it when I cross the border. Idaho is a Cancer state. It is ruled by the moon. And as I am myself a Cancer, this may explain why I feel more at home in Idaho than in Utah. Although I once grouped them together in an intermountain west prejudice, I realize that they are worlds apart.

I haven't done the date conversion for all of the states in the Union, but here is a link to the dates all the states joined the union and their conventional astrology sign. To do a conversion to get the correct sign, you'll need a date converter. I use an Iphone app called Kabbalistic Calendar. But here are a few I converted:

California: Libra
Colorado: Leo
Utah: Capricorn
Arizona: Aquarius
Idaho: Cancer
New Mexico: Capricorn
New York: Cancer

This might give you a tiny bit of insight as to why certain places appeal to you and others repel you. I'd love to hear your aha's.

Sat Nam.


  1. I grew up in Nevada, which is a Scorpio state. I am a survivor of childhood abuse. As I grew older and more independent, I tried to gain control of my life and reject my abuse by whatever means necessary. I went to extremes to accomplish this, not caring who I hurt (even myself). I was at war with the world and with myself. Mars, the ruling planet (and coincidentally the god of war in mythology) of Scorpio, tends to bring the warriors out of people. I moved to Utah where I learned hard lessons - how badly I was hurting those around me, how wrong some of my thinking and choices were, and that I needed a new path to follow. I feel much the same about Utah as you do, Nam Joti! I was discontent there but thankful for the lessons I learned. Now I live in Arizona and have felt that cleansing power of Aquarius. With my knowledge and experiences, I can still choose to live differently than my ancestors and bring about a change in my line starting with me and continuing on down! I never thought that where you live can influence your life, but seeing it through this lense makes so much sense to me. It is another piece to my puzzle and answers many questions I've had about "Why did the Lord send me here?". Thanks Felice, wonderful post!

  2. I am a Cancer and I live in Idaho. It's a perfect fit for me. This helps to explain why I was born here and never left. :)