Thursday, September 25, 2014

If You Are Looking For Your Life Purpose, Keep the Commandments, and Bravely Rewind

Last Sunday in church we had a lesson on obedience and it got me thinking about something I heard from Elder Golden. He said sometimes the blessings that come from obedience to the commandments is that we get more law. More commandments.


It's true. When we are obedient to the basics, God trusts us and he gives us more. If we are obedient to those commandments, then he give us more and more personal commandments which guide us to more joy.

Many people come to me and want to know their life purpose, or what they contracted to do before they came here. I tell them to keep the commandments, keep their covenants and go to the temple and meditate. How can God trust you with something so monumental as your "life purpose" if you still fudge the word of wisdom--or whatever you are fudging.

Today we are in the first day of Rosh Hashana. It is a powerful beginning. Not just a new moon, but a new year. Last night I taught a class with Kalyan Kaur in Pocatello Idaho and we began the class right as the sun was setting, which is the moment that Rosh Hashana begins.

 The Jews believe it was at that moment that God breathed the Breath of Life into Adam and Eve. Rosh Hashana lasts 2 days. They are important days. They set the tone for the following year.

Leading up to Rosh Hashana is the time to evaluate the past year and "bravely rewind" as Yael Yardini said recently. Bravely rewind the last year, without drama or emotion, and see what worked and what didn't. See where you can get more honest with yourself. See where you can better keep the commandments. And during these two days, which are the seed of the year, you can plant the intentions that will set you on the course to your Life Purpose.

Sat Nam.

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