Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kundalini Yoga World Tour Week 2

This week I went to 2 live Kundalini Yoga classes and taught one while I was in Park City. I was there fore the 3-day Imagery Training I was leading, and most of the attendees were Kundalini students as well, so I taught some Kundalini Yoga after hours.

I could write 10 posts about what happened in Park City, but since it is sort of classified as therapy, what happened there stays there, but some of the attendees may write about their experience. If so, I will link them. Suffice it to say that it was very expansive and transformational for all involved. At one point I looked up and there was a gigantic archangel or warrior angel with a huge sword up in the rafters of the room holding the space for all the miracles that were happening there. Other people saw him too. The best news is that now there are about 18 more people in the world who share this skill for facilitating Christ-centered imagery journeys.

Since then, however, my voice seems to want a vacation, so I am going to lay low for a while and read and write and go to Kundalini Yoga class as often as possible until we leave Utah, which might not be as soon as I thought. There has been a little delay in some documents, which was annoying at first, but it is probably part of the grand plan of things, so I am going with it for now. If you have a car I can borrow or want to host us let me know.

One other thing I have to mention for history sake is that since I drove up the 1-15 almost 2 weeks ago, there has been a major hurricane and flooding in Arizona and Nevada and a whole chunk of that road is not there anymore. It was literally washed away. Of course, there are always airplanes, but I find it interesting that the road I traveled now has no return route. I guess it's a sign that we are on the right track and to just keep going. 

But back to Park City. My favorite thing that happened in Park City was this:

At lunch one day in the cool coffee shop Atticus, I found this journal. I decided it would be my new writing journal. I always have several different notebooks for different purposes, but when I packed for this trip I decided to only bring one. That just wasn't working though, so I bought this one. It's full of pictures of the sky. And you write on them. :) It may seem like just a notebook, but it was God speaking to me. 

Just last Sunday I was invited to fast and receive a priesthood blessing from a powerful and worthy priesthood holder, so I gave some thought as to what I wanted to fast for. I have many blessings and I usually only have to ask and I receive. So I wanted to fast for something big. Or big to me. 

What came to me was that I wanted an opening to do my own creative writing. I have been a writer for years. I have published some poetry and lots of creative-non fiction essays (that I just found out some college kids have as required reading), but in the last few years, I just keep spending all my time on writing assignments from God. The Gift of Giving Life and Awake As In Ancient Days are two of them, and recently, I have felt a 3rd assignment come that has to do with Astrology as God intended it--ooh, that would be a good title. But the idea of another non-fiction book was totally stressing me out. I have put my personal writing on hold for too long, was what I was feeling.

But in truth, there have been a few times in the last few years when I felt God tell me it was time to work on my memoirs and my poetry, but I didn't do much. I kept letting other things get in the way. So Sunday I fasted for creativity, but also to have baggage (mine or otherwise) that has been stopping me, to be removed. 

I felt sort of selfish, but the whole time I fasted I knew it was God's will. It is a fundamental principle of good writing that that which is the most personal is also the most universal. That's why I included lots of personal stories in my book(s). So I trust that whatever I write, God will also use to reach and touch people. But I need to do it for me. 

So when my best writing friend Laura joined me on Thursday night in Park City for fresh air and dinner, I was telling her this. I told her that now was the time, and that I can still delve into astrology as God intended it for my own personal benefit, but I didn't have to write about it for the masses yet. Then I said out loud: "I bet it will be cool to write my memoirs and make sense of my life at the same time as I am figuring out about natal charts and stuff. Hey maybe that would even be a cool framework of my book....."

Ding Ding Ding! This was creative inspiration. 

So we ordered dessert. Chocolate zucchini cake with cinnamon gelato. Yum!!!!

Later that night I began that brilliant idea in the notebook I had just bought that day. Writing on the sky. It's perfect.  

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