Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kundalini World Tour Week One

Warning: This blog post contains many photos.

My Kundalini world tour officially began the day we drove out of Ojai, which happened to be Monday, Labor Day, September 1. I don't know what my karma is with that date, but I must have something because three years ago, I started Project True Love (1.0) on that date. Two years ago, I married Rocky on that date, and even though that was short lived, it started me on my path to a whole new path of destiny in which I realized I needed to teach and work with people of my own faith. Then last year it was around Sept 1 that I began work in earnest on Awake as in Ancient Days, which will be coming out soon. Now it is the world tour. I have not even a guess what next year will bring. 

Here are some awesome happenings from the first few days our our tour. The tour officially began in Los Angeles. After all, this is where it began, when Yogi Bhajan visited LA in 1968-9 (ish) and then didn't leave. I stayed with Kundalini friend and then went to a yoga class Tuesday morning. Though I didn't sleep well on her couch bed with Phoebe kicking me, by the end of yoga I felt amazing and ready for anything. After we packed, up stopped by that Guru Ram Das ashram, where Yogi Bhajan began it all. We paid our respects to the Guru (Siri Guru Granth Sahib) and then Amajot took lots of pictures. The smartest thing I ever did was give her the camera. Child photographers are the best. Most of our trip will be illustrated through her eyes. But here are a few I took of her taking pictures. :)

These are some she took:

This is a painting of the Golden Temple. I told Amarjot we are going to go there in India.

This is the adi shakti symbol. The swords on both sides represent God's power which cuts both ways through maya (illusion)

When we left the ashram to get back on the freeway and leave town, I went the wrong way. I wasn't sure why I did this and I realized it was a big mistake because turning around in that part of town would take a while, but then I thought, there must be a reason why I went the wrong way. And then I looked up and saw that we were right in front of the Kabbalah Center. AND there was a parking spot open for me to just slide right into. A FREE ONE! This is amazing. 

Photo by Amarjot Kaur

So we went inside to see what was going to happen. I have never been in the Kabbalah center but as you may know, I recently signed up for their online "University." Which means I watch lots of videos of classes but don't get to ask all my burning questions. Inside, I met a woman named Rachel who was fabulous and said she would hook me up with a private teacher. Chaching! Burning questions will now have someone to direct them to. That was apparently what I needed. So then we left. After Amarjot took lots of pictures.

We drove to Vegas in a few hours. Most of the time Amarjot took pictures. But there was a little bit of this:

I don't know if I shared it here, but I sold my car a few weeks ago. My beloved car Reepicheep.  I basically donated it to a needy family. It felt right and it felt time but it was way more emotional than I expected it to be. Amarjot started weeping like a baby as it drove away and I did too. I couldn't write a whole post on it, but it was just surprising how much of our memories and our identity was tied up in that car. But we moved through it and we rented a car for the duration of our time in California. Which is why we drove to Vegas. We were on our way to Utah, and I could have flown, but I don't like to be pinned down to a date. Also I needed to bring my gong and some other things that won't be flying with us to England but that needed to get to Utah. Plus I wanted to stop in Vegas and see Sierra. 

Of course, Amarjot got no pictures of she and I but lots of pics of their baby and their toys and games. Hmmm... 

Amarjot took this pictures of me running to the bathroom at a gas station. Love it. 
Since we got to Utah we have done so much! Amarjot wanted to see the inside of a temple so we went to the Ogden Temple open house.

At the Ogden temple open house
We went hiking, kayaking, saw cousins, and Amajot took a million pictures. She is going to have to get her own blog or something or somewhere to put them.

hiking. of course Amarjot found a stick. She has a special relationship with sticks.



There she goes all by herself. She is good. Born to be in and on water.


Amarjot took tons of pictures of ducks. I thought was was pretty though with the reflection.

I also went to half a day of the Salt Lake City Kundalini Yoga teacher training to say Sat Nam to the trainers and see some of my students who would be in town for it. It was awesome. I found out that the SLC training has 10 people in it and 8 of them were referred by me. Wahe Guru. 
Sunday I fasted and had this amazing shift that was super noticable when I played my gong that night for the family I am staying with. They all felt it and I did, too. I guess it was timely since today (Monday) I recorded a Gong CD. 

messing around
Listening to the test track
Talking to the gong

I recorded 5 tracks and maybe we will layer them to create an epic bonus track. I haven't mastered them yet, but the real live versions were awesome. 

Then I went to a new moon class and met some awesome yogis, including Deva Ji Kaur who is so cool. Anyone in SLC has to go take her class. She teaches at Dancing Cranes. She is so cool. I was talking to her and I just couldn't stop myself from giving her a high five.  

Deva Ji and me

And Khushbir, who is also super cool and anyone in SLC has to go take his class. He teaches at Dancing Cranes.

Me and Khushbir drinking yogi tea

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture with Gurprasad, but who is also cool and the local head trainer for the SLC training. BTW as a side note, there is still time to get into this training if you haven't decided yet. Email me and I'll give you their info. 

Whew. Amazing week. We will see what happens next. Sat Nam.

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  1. Fun! I love this! And don't forget we got to see each other�� I still want those pictures! I can't wait to see where your travels take you!