Monday, September 22, 2014

Jupiter and Saturn - What They Are About

Since I have been doing the Meditation to Increase My Intelligence, I have had some really cool insights about Jupiter and Saturn and some other mysteries of God.

Saturn, as I mentioned in another blog post is know is as the IRS of the Zodiac. It doesn't mess around. It tracks and makes statements. It wants things to add up and be accurate. It has no sense of humor. 

Jupiter on the other hand is known as the planet of miracles. It is the largest planet in our solar system, and it is associated with expansion and self-improvement. It's gravity stabilizes the entire solar system. Also, the etymology of the name Jupiter means, God father, or God the Father

I realized that Saturn represents Justice or the Law, and Jupiter represents Mercy. And when you bring the two planets together and merge them, as you are required to imagine during this meditation, Jupiter totally eclipses Saturn. I find it totally interesting that this:

is known as Christ mudra. 

And Christ is depicted in many paintings such as this with his Jupiter and Saturn finger together, such as in these pictures. 

While I do the above mentioned meditation to increase my intelligence, I realize that I am a powerful creator who can move planets around and therefore, play with time (because the planets are just hands on a big clock), but also that I can activate repentance and forgiveness processes in powerful ways. Not just for myself, but for the whole planet. 

It is for the righteous' sake that God hasn't destroyed our planet yet. He is lengthening the time for us a little so that we can have one last chance to uplevel ourselves and the planet and save as many others as we can. And it will also be for the righteous sake that he will shorten the worst of days, and I believe he will do it in a similar manner. He'll have key people on earth use their super powers to move planets around. 

Also, the temple ceremony is all about justice and mercy...more on this another time.

For now, I'll keep working on increasing my intelligence and trying to understand the book written in the sky for all to see.  

This meditation has also led me repeatedly to Fascimile No 2 found in the book of Abraham. There is a lot there for our day. The good news is that God is not good a keeping secrets. He is stoked to reveal the mysteries to us if we search for them.

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