Thursday, September 4, 2014

Update on Summer Challenge and Positive Health Habits

A few months ago I issued a summer challenge. If you started it and fizzled out now is the time to get all those classes in. I'm not sure how many people are actually doing it, but those who are, and who have been in contact with me are witnessing some amazing transformation and feeling good. Here is one post from Allie about her half way mark. Ryan just barely jumped on board, but he's already learning things. I also am doing my own challenge and am loving the way I feel.
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So yay! If you haven't committed yet to using this amazing tool on a regular basis, I challenge you. Try to do three classes/week will September 21 and just see.

 Another thing I offered this summer was group hypnotherapy/imagery series called Positive Health Habits. The focus was on creating positive health habits. Many people came for weight loss, but we also focused on healthy relationships to food, exercise, self love and creating your own amazing reality from the inside out by using your powerful mind! I loved it. And the feedback made me so happy. Not only healthy weight loss, but some wonderful awakenings about WHY some of these habits or addictions or negative patterns were there and how to deconstruct them. So many women found their inner wisdom and power and increased their self love.

So I decided to offer it again! It is an 8 week series, and it is already recorded, so attendees can participate each week at their convenience and also receive support by email. I will only be offering this class once in a quarter and the registration period will be open for two weeks. So if you would like to learn more about this class or register, click this link now. 

I will be posting an update on my world tour soon. Just trying to upload pictures.
last day in Ojai before our trip

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