Sunday, September 21, 2014

Running Away From My Get-Away

I am still in the United States. I got tired of waiting near the mail box in Utah for our papers to come, so I rented a car and took off for Idaho in an attempt to take back the illusion of control.

My intention was totally selfish. I wanted to get away and go where no one would know where I was and just check into a hotel and not have to give of myself to anyone and I would read my books and catch up on some work. Of course, it didn't work the way I hoped. The hotel was a total dump. I'm thinking hotels in India might be better. But I paid U.S. prices and they billed it is a fancy place. So I was mad. I guess it was a good preparation.

Then my daughter decided she didn't want to cooperate with my desire to read books all day. I got interrupted every five minutes. Also, the food in this small resort town was not so great. I started to miss friends and their homes and home cooking. I realized with some guilt that this trip isn't just about me, but about her too. Though we both enjoyed soaking in some hot springs, we realized we had enough and we checked out of our hotel early to escape our escape and stay with my lovely friend Robyn in Pocatello.

Robyn has a new house up in the Camelback Mountains with a beautiful view. We arrived as the sun was setting and while I waited for her to come home I watched it, I was caught between orange on one side and pink fading to midnight blue on the other. I looked out at the far away blue shadows of hills and thought that I could be anywhere. I could be in India looking out at the Pakistan border. Yet I knew I was right where I was supposed to be.

My frustration all weekend was because I was struggling against the flow. I was attached to wanting things to be a certain way, and I had let it go. For one, I have let go of being in England for the British retreat that Akashpreet was planning. I am actually not as freaked out about this as you'd think. It is true that nothing happens to you, everything happens for you. The universe is conspiring to help you, even though it may not seem that way.

It looks like she and Sarah will be teaching the retreat themselves. There is a chance I may still make it for part of it, but I won't have any idea till next week. But either way, if you are in the UK, you should just find your way to Snowden and show up. It's going to be a low key family camp kind of thing. You can email Akashpreet or just show up. If you show up, you might need to bring your own food, but it will be awesome whatever happens. I trained both of them as Jedis and the technology does the work for itself, regardless of who is teaching.

I read last night in John 4 about some of Jesus's travels and how the people would beg him to stay with them. He was always surrounded by people who wanted a piece of him. And he just gave. He did sometimes sneak away to the mountain to be alone and meditate. But for the most part, he told his apostles not to send anyone away.

If I am in Idaho I am here to teach and share. So that is what I am going to do. Good thing I brought my gong. If you are in Eastern Idaho, keep an eye open on my FB page for happenings while I am here.

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