Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Modeling The Path Of Kundalini - Whitney's Flaming Sword

When I was in Idaho last week I did a photo shoot with my beautiful friend Whitney and this happened. I swear it is not photoshopped. She said she felt the energy entering her crown chakra. Then the camera caught it. This was taken in full shade.

But this is the way it works. The kundalini rises up the straight path of the spine. Then it blends with the cosmic energy (God) and travels back down. 


  1. Okay… so i've been sitting on this for a while now… Why do they keep saying up the "straight path of the spine" or "keep the spine straight"? Anyone who has seriously looked at anatomy has seen a spine that isn't straight, that bends. I was always told that the spine naturally curves. What does this "straight spine" message mean?

    1. Ryan, you are getting hung up on details. Just meditate. But since you asked. The spine does have a natural curve in it and it bends. But "strait" means narrow. Like the straight and narrow path. not just straight like a rod. Obviously sitting straight also is important and with neck lock, so you don't stop the flow of energy. I think I am confusing the spellings of straight and strait, but they both apply here to the spine.

  2. I read a book called "Human Energy Systems" by Jack Schwarz (who was able to see auras and energy). In that book he said that everyone has a ray of energy that constantly flows into their crown chakra. The energy from the ray is processed by the other chakras as it moves down and is output as the aura. This picture seems to line up pretty well with his description of the energy input of the ray and the energy output as an aura. Cool stuff!