Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Healing for Families- Katy's Story

Healing for Families
by Katy Willis

Healing has not only been an individual and couple experience but also a family experience. In the past few years, we have become aware that my husband and my children are chain breakers. There have been dysfunctional and toxic family issues that we have looked at squarely, and we are the generation to make changes. Although I am not a chain breaker myself, I am key in creating an incubator environment for my children, where healthy patterns are offered and modeled.
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation has affected my family through my being calm and balanced. I have noticed that especially my little ones mirror my state of being—whether calm or unbalanced. Kundalini Yoga was a comfortable addition to the healing technologies we have been using to make change for future generations. As I introduced Kundalini Yoga mantras to my three children (ages six, five, and three), all were excited to learn. They love it when I teach them a new one! Sometimes it takes singing the mantra for a few days, but my children have caught on to each one and remember them all. Their favorites are “I am Happy, I am Good,” “I am Beautiful, I am Bountiful, I am Blissful,” “Sa Ta Na Ma,” and “Ek Ong Kar.”
We have a children’s Kundalini mantra CD I turn on while I make breakfast. One by one my children come to the kitchen singing along. We homeschool, and we added Kundalini Yoga to our school day after prayer. I catch them singing and humming throughout their day on their own too. We also sing mantras before bed as I apply essential oils to their feet.
I have loved watching my children make connections. For example, I taught my children Kirtan Kriya and how to use their index fingers to point. My daughter has been so terrified of the dark that she wants someone to walk with her if she has to go into a dark room alone. She sings the mantra when she is afraid and has noticed it calms her.
My three-year-old has asked to sing “I Am Happy, I am Good” after discussing issues such as hitting a sibling. I think singing this mantra helps him remember he is a good boy and his goodness is separate from his choices.
I love that Kundalini Yoga is another tool in my children’s toolbox and that they are learning to tap into this technology to tune into their needs. It has helped them to be protected, strong, and happy as they make this journey.

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