Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Spreads From the Book

Today I finally finished publishing all the chapters and stories of my book online. Which is just in time because now you are going to desperately want the manual, which you can only get by buying the book. Which is so close to being in your hands. Here are some screen shots of the proofs I am proofing right now. This is the last round of proofs so it should be really done after this and once all the page numbers are fixed I'll have to add them to the index. And a few other last details. And then it will be in your hands. It is going to be so beautiful. And bigger than I thought. It is about 313 pages plus all the front matter. And it will be full color, which means it won't be cheap, but if you donated to the cause you get as many as you want at cost. So get excited and pray for a January baby.

This is the top mantras section

This is the beginning of the manual part of the book. 

Tuning in

A kirya

Some meditations

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