Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lifting the Fog - Robyn's Story

by Robyn Allgood

Negative thought patterns are like cancer in the brain. After the death of my son, I didn’t realize how many negative thoughts I had allowed to grow until I initiated the Forty-Day Meditation Challenge at the urging of my friend, Felice. And while I don't think that I held on to negative thoughts about my son’s death, there were other kinds of negative thoughts that I had fed myself that needed healing.
Other than missing meditation while very sick and for a time after having my baby, I have been meditating for almost a year. I am letting go of the negative thoughts bit by bit and allowing the Atonement to heal my mind. I believe that is what meditation (among other spiritual endeavors like prayer, scripture study, and singing a hymn) do. They allow the Atonement in to heal. So the fog is lifting, little by little, and I thank heaven for it.

One thing I have noticed is that whenever I am nearing a milestone, I run into some form of opposition to complete the 40, 80, or 120 days. Once I realize that I am almost to the milestone, I realize why I have been doubting myself or feeling unmotivated. Satan does not want me to experience the change and transformation that come by sustained, diligent meditation. For me, this becomes the catalyst to see it through. It is after climbing the wall that I see the blessings.

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