Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Bald Eagle - Wendy's Story

My Bald Eagle 
by Wendy Cleveland

When I was ten, I saw a bald eagle. It completely took my breath away. I didn't expect to see anything in the sky, and when I looked up, there the eagle was, soaring so majestically right above my head. Being only ten years old didn't stop me from appreciating the immense beauty of the moment. It was something that I have never forgotten and think about often. And oftentimes, I find myself gazing up at the sky, waiting for my next encounter with one of these supernal creatures.
          After I started to meditate, I witnessed my life changing. Not slowly, like I was used to witnessing progress in my life. Meditating has affected me in countless ways. I could write a novel about it, but for now I would like to share how meditation helped me find my joy again.
      I had been living a beautiful, blessed life with a beautiful family and incredible friends. There was so much that God had blessed me with. But in the state I was in, I hadn't felt joy in many years. I was living in a kind of numb state where I could only feel the negative emotions in my life. Feeling things like love and joy was as rare as seeing a bald eagle soaring in the sky.
When I began meditating, I started with Kirtan Kriya. This meditation helps clear generational issues and promotes change. I set an intention to clear any generational chains I was carrying from ancestors and to clear any negative issues in my own body. I started seeing a difference right away. Since then, the big metaphorical rock I had been carrying on my shoulders has disappeared.
Through meditating, I have learned how to listen to my spirit and commune with the Holy Ghost in everything I do. I have learned that God oftentimes sends me dreams to communicate with me. In one dream, God showed me all the times in my life that I had felt joy. In every instance, I had been surrounded by my family. I learned from that dream that I hadn't felt joy (real joy, which starts from within and radiates out of you like a bright light) for a long time, and I learned what it was like to feel joy again.

From that day on, it was my goal to feel joy at least once a day. Some days I did, some I didn't. But when I did it was joy from my family. I had to let go of any distractions that were keeping me from enjoying my beautiful family. But eventually I found a little joy in every day, until I got to the point where I was basking in joy almost continually, praising God for my family and for my joy. It was like looking up into the sky and seeing the elusive bald eagle everyday. I know that having joy in our posterity is the mode of heaven and earth. God wants us to feel that joy. Meditation helped me get my joy back. And I am forever grateful.

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