Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What I've Been Up To

Teaching a private home in Sandy. Sorry about the butt shots. It's the only picture I have from the whole trip. 

A few days ago I got back form a week in Utah. Since my boycott on Utah ended, it seems I have spent a lot of time there in the last few months, beginning with my trip around the world that didn't happen that way exactly, and now with some short trips.

I wasn't even sure why I was going there. I just knew I had to be at one of the teacher training weekends there to support some of my students who are doing the training. I also hoped to have meetings with some people about a peer-reviewed study I am going to be doing on Missionary Anxiety. But more on that later.

Here are some cool things that happened.

I did a live podcast with Andy where we interviewed several people in teacher training and it was soooo awesome. If you haven't heard it, their stories are inspirational.

Jesus Made a Cave In My Heart
During one of the training days we did a Divine Shield Meditation and I went into imagery state and Heavenly Mother came and touched my heart. There is an imagery journey that I love to do with clients who have been through a lot of trauma. In it, a guide comes and touches their heart, then the heart opens into a landscape. They walk through the landscape with their guide picking up all the broken parts and pieces then they take them to a place deep in the heart where all things can be healed and the guide facilitates the healing... So when HM touched my heart and it opened into a landscape I was expecting to do and do some healing. But instead she bade me look around. It was beautiful and healed. This is what you've created, she said. We walked through it joyfully and then came to the base of some very tall mountains that seemed like the Himalayas. They were gorgeous. And I knew that Jesus had walked there. She showed me a cave in one of them and said that this where Jesus goes to meditate. The beautiful awakening was that Jesus has a cave in my heart. He dwells in there. I was so full love and joy. I went in and meditated with him.

Teaching Professors
Now back to this plane of existence. While I was there I offered to teach a class a a few friend's homes for their family and friends. These were unexpectedly well attended. In Sandy 30 people showed up. 80% were new and wanting to know everything they could learn. At a home in Lindon 20 or so people came (we couldn't fit any more). There were people from all different backgrounds, men and women, young and older, experienced and non experienced, and the crown included several BYU professors. (I love BYU. It is the only school in America where the faculty is more liberal than the students.)

I wasn't sure what to teach because Kundalini Yoga can be so wild sometimes but also very gentle and basic. But I decided for the class in Lindon to give them a total immersion to the wild but ecstatic side of KY. So I got them high on Prana, we danced Bhangra, and then I gonged the heck out of them. They all left super happy and light and many have since begin their first 40-day journey.

New Year Retreat
So I decided to go back.... I had been toying with the idea of doing a retreat in Salt Lake with a New Year New You theme, and so now it is happening. January 3, 2015. I'm super excited about it. It's one day only. It will be in Little Cottonwood Canyon in a private ballroom tucked away near a creek. It will be healthfully catered and full of men and women who are also on the journey. So if you are going to be in that area, this will be the place to be. Linkage is here.

Book Party?
I am also hoping my book is out by then and that I can have a book party while there. Right now I am asking everyone to pray for that Christmas miracle. It is close. So close. The proofs are beautiful, but there are a lot of little details that have to shake out in time. I have faith, but your prayers are also appreciated.

Missionary Study
And now I promised to say more about the missionary study. I will say a lot more soon. For now, the short story is that I will be recruiting 60-80 missionaries currently on their missions, who have anxiety, officially diagnosed or self-reported, to participate in a controlled study on the effects of KY meditation and anxiety. They will need permission from their mission president, but I think that should be easy with the anticipated outcome and the evidence from studies already done on KY and anxiety. So that's it. I'm not recruiting yet, so don't send me anyone yet, but you will hear more about it soon.

Sat nam.

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  1. This is all so awesome--I love absolutely everything about this post.