Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Had a Dream - Janice's Story

I Had a Dream
by Janice Madsen

About six months before Felice started offering online meditation classes, I had a dream. This is what I wrote in my journal:
I had a dream last night. Not a regular kind of dream where nothing makes sense and nothings is quite what it seems, but a telling dream, an important dream, a message from God. This dream was filled with people I know and love. It was a very clear dream.
The most important part of this dream was the feeling I had of peace and tranquility that was repeated throughout my dream. I felt so loved and so happy. These feelings are not often present in my daily life. In my dream, I was filled with the knowledge that I was doing exactly what Heavenly Father wanted me to do to best serve and help those around me––to share with them the love of Heavenly Father.
I woke up knowing what I am to do with my life––or rather, what would make me the most happy and what Heavenly Father would have me do [my life’s mission]. This is something I have spent a great amount of time trying to figure out through high school and college.

I am to study natural healing––particularly the mental/subconscious/spiritual side. I know nothing about this and don’t even know what to call it for sure. But I know I will be led to the specifics when the time is right. I need to learn all I can in the areas of yoga, meditation, and hypnosis healing. This will be for my benefit and for the benefit of those around me. Now for my dream.
In my dream, I was in a class. I am not exactly sure what all this class entailed, but it was on the subject of yoga and meditation, along with some degree of hypnosis and offering suggestions to the mind on a subconscious level. I was taking this semester-long class and was feeling very frustrated because I had joined late and had missed some important information. I felt I has missed so much of the class and didn't know what was going on.

The teacher didn't mind at all that I had missed part of the class. She was just so happy that I was there. She was someone I knew very well, a dear friend. During our meditation, she spoke directly to my mind and spirit. The words she spoke were very specific and distinct. During my dream, I could remember them word-for-word, although I wasn't sure what the words meant. It was almost as if it was in another language that only my spirit and heart could understand. Now that I am awake, I can no longer remember the words. But what I do remember is the great feeling of peace and happiness and the love that came over me as my teacher impressed these words upon me. These feelings stayed with me throughout the rest of my dream and when I first woke up….
Upon waking from this dream, I felt it was so important and was compelled to get up immediately and write it down. As I have thought through this dream and what it means, the thing that keeps coming to me is that I am to study and learn to meditate. Through this, and more so through the associations and great friends I will meet on my journey, I will be able to best help and serve others. I will gain a great knowledge and testimony of the Savior and the love, peace, and happiness He has to offer. Through my journey I will be able to share His love with others and bless their lives as well.
After I had this dream, I spent some time thinking about what specifically I should do. I looked into different yoga teacher certifications, but nothing felt right. Six months after I had this dream, I came across Felice’s online meditation webinar. I immediately knew that this is what I needed to learn and the direction I should take. Up until that point, I had never heard of Kundalini Yoga and had no experience in meditation.
It was a year ago this month that I started my first forty-day meditation. It has been a year of learning and growth, a year of healing and forgiveness, and a year of understanding and drawing nearer to my Savior. Through this journey, I have been reminded time and time again of the love that our Heavenly Father has for me and for each of His children. I have been blessed many times to feel the same feelings of peace, happiness, and love that I felt in my dream as my teacher spoke to my heart. I still have so much to learn, but I am beginning to be truly happy each day and to trust and rely on my Savior. I am so happy to be on this meditation journey. What a wonderful journey it is.   

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