Monday, October 6, 2014

100,000 Lighthouses

This weekend I am in Española, New Mexico at Yogi Bhajan's ranch for the 10 year anniversary of his passing. It has been enchanting, intimate, joyful and also emotional. We all love and miss our beloved teacher, even those of us who didn't know him personally. But I did know him in another life before this one. And I loved him. And I miss him. 

It is late at night and I  blogging on my phone from bed in one of yogiji's guest houses. We just had a concert w Snatam Kaur and Ajeet Kaur. 

And tomorrow, Monday, October 6 on the exact day and hour of his passing we will be doing a special meditation. All of the events of this weekend are being streamed online so you can tune in. But tomorrow eve will be the best time to join in. We will be joined by people in 80 counties possibly up to 100000 ppl. I don't thing 100000 ppl have ever meditated like this at the same time before. I am really excited about it. It will change the imprint of the world.  So join us. There is only one chance to do this. Look for details on

Sat nam 

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