Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Deal With God - Bailey's Story

My Deal With God
by Bailey Cotant

I first got introduced to Kundalini Yoga when i was serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The events that took place to get me to Kundalini Yoga and the events that took place after were all inspired, spiritual, challenging, and quite amazing.

As I was spending a significant amount of time studying as a missionary I found myself constantly being drawn to the idea of meditation. I had never explored much into the world of meditation but I was feeling very strongly it was something I needed to know more about. I began asking around in situations where I felt impressed to do so. I asked a dear friend of mine some questions and she had amazing answers. She said she learned much of what she was teaching me from the blog Progressive Prophetess. She showed me one of the posts and I felt with every particle of my being the truth radiating off the page. That next Monday when I was able to email my mom Ii told her she must check out the blog and learn all that she could about Kundalini Yoga.

So my mom did. And I learned a couple short meditations and practiced as often as I could while being a missionary and having many tasks to accomplish. One of my leaders told me he felt inspired that I come up with a five minute activity for my zone of missionaries. So I even got to teach my zone and district of missionaries about the meditations, and we meditated together. The room was full of joy and the missionaries responses were all positive! It was nerve racking and a little scary as these things were not typically practiced at what we call zone meeting. But I felt inspired so I did it! So then God suggested I start looking into teaching yoga when I returned home. So with much help from Felice and my mom, I got signed up for a level one teacher training. Although at this point I didn’t know all that much about it, just that I felt the truth and divinity of it all.

Upon my arrival home from my mission I learned some things I was completely unaware of. God’s hand directed me straight to Kundalini Yoga. It was Him. He wanted me to learn and understand this technology. I believe this because I soon found out the effect it had on my family. This technology quite literally saved my mother, and in fact changed her life.

My family has gone through years of abuse--abuse of all different kinds. And I understood that there was nothing any human could do to fix the broken parts of my family. So I made an agreement with God that if I went and served a mission, He would take care of my family. I believed that all things that were unfair about life could be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. So I went and I served Him for eighteen months. And He directed me straight to Kundalini Yoga. It has changed my family. It has changed me. It is in fact LIFE CHANGING. This technology is such a blessing to my family. I’m not sure I could ever put it into words.  But I believe that it is of God, and I have a firm testimony of its divinity.


  1. Thank you for this post. We had a daughter who struggled with anxiety/depression on her mission and eventually came home early. She did yoga teacher training at a local yoga studio that was very helpful. Recently we came across Nam Joti Kaur's "40 day meditation" class and started to see the powerful effect of Kundalini Yoga. As a family, we attended a class that Nam Joti Kaur taught in Orem and it was transformational for each of us. We are so happy to hear of other's experiences in using it in real world situations.

    We'd like to know what Bailey taught in the 5-minute zone meeting to the missionaries because we'd like to learn from her experience. Eventually, we want to take teacher training in this.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience, Bailey.

  2. Bailey ive been wondering where you went i miss ya im glad youre pursuing something you love get a hold of me sometime this is nate wright by the way im soooo proud of you