Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kundalini Yoga Released My Trapped Deep Anger - Katy's Story

Kundalini Yoga Released My Trapped Deep Anger
by Katy

A few years ago, I had a life experience that shook me to the very core. It was the most difficult and stretching experience I have gone through. Despite the bitterness, it didn’t take me long to recognize that it was for my highest and best purpose. With that insight and trust, I was blessed to easily be able to forgive the individual who had hurt me so deeply. I didn’t realize at the time that I had skipped an important step in the process.
About eighteen months later, I was doing a session on myself. I am trained in Theta Healing energy work. I realized that I had not allowed myself to feel anger toward the individual and that anger had become trapped in my liver. Because I was unwilling to feel it and release it, I had literally stuffed the anger there instead. It had been trapped until I began to release the anger daily with energy healing, as well as the meditation for releasing anger and negativity. But I could only release a little bit each day. Naturally, there was quite a bit of anger I had not given myself permission to feel previously. Sometimes changes have been instant; other changes have required time to adjust and process.
I also became pregnant during this time. Morning sickness had been a big issue in past pregnancies. I had made many changes for this pregnancy and only had mild, but very manageable, nausea, until six weeks into the pregnancy. I was suddenly slammed with horrible morning sickness and began vomiting. I tried everything I knew to do to curb it but could not get it under control. I prayed to know why I had it. My answer was a reminder about my liver. My liver was sluggish already from the trapped anger, and the additional demand on the liver with higher hormone levels was more than it could keep up with.
My husband gave me a blessing. In it he reminded me that I had new resources at my fingertips and to use them. I had been added to the Kundalini Yoga Facebook support group, so I asked for any meditations to help in the situation. When Felice saw my post, she gave me the choice between the kriya for releasing inner anger and one for liver. The first one felt right.
That night, I did the kriya. It was so healing! Because of my pregnancy, there was quite a bit I needed to modify with the breathing and positions. I was amazed that even with modifications, it worked! As I lay there accepting the changes, tears cascaded down my cheeks. I had been unable to release this trapped anger any other way, and it was finally gone.
I still ended up needing an IV and medication because of dehydration, but my morning sickness went away. It was as if my body needed to hit the reset button to be able to catch up with all of the changes. I am grateful for this technology and awareness of it! In this case, I didn’t just put a Band-Aid on things and treat the symptoms. My morning sickness was there to alert me that something needed to be addressed, and Kundalini Yoga gave me the tools to be able to take care of it fully.

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  1. I just read this chapter in your book and I'm curious what kinds of things one can do for morning sickness? My pregnancies have been very rough and I want to be as prepared as possible for next time around