Monday, October 27, 2014

Meditation Is My Medication - Lisa's Story

Meditation Is My Medication
by Lisa Underwood

In 2010, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and psychosis. I started medication right away and felt more stable in a few weeks. In time, I incorporated other tools to create a holistic bipolar health plan. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is one of those tools. In November 2012, I began Felice's forty-day meditation webinar. She guided me through forty days of meditation and helped me build a strong foundation of meditation.
Through this building, my life's purposes have been clarified. I'm more loving, more confident, and more in tune with what God wants for me and my family. Meditation gave my husband and me the courage and confidence to confront challenges and make changes. We were able to recognize bipolar triggers and eliminate them.
In April 2013, I took a more-advanced class with Felice in which we did yoga kriyas and long meditations, and it was even more empowering. Felice was inspired to suggest Gan Puttee Kriya followed by a meditation for bipolar resolution as my daily meditation. At the time, with my psychiatrist's guidance, I was slowly scaling down one of my medications. After a week of the new meditation, I had a medication review, and my psychiatrist approved of me stopping the medication altogether. At my next medication review a month later, he told me I could stop taking an antipsychotic medication. In two months, including four weeks of Gan Puttee Kriya, I went from taking four medications to taking two medications!

Meditation is my medication. It changes your brain and your life!

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