Saturday, October 25, 2014

Seeing The Hand of God - Debi's Story

Seeing The Hand of God
by Debi Youngs

I have included the Prosperity Meditation in my daily sadhana for the last eight weeks. Looking back, I can see that my life has changed drastically since I began. My husband was offered a job in another state that will provide more money as well as potential for growth and greater job satisfaction. His new job has allowed me to quit my job, at least for now, and stay at home with my children, something I have prayed for and wanted for a long time.
We are in the process of finding a home, packing our things, and preparing to move. We've gotten rid of so much stuff, which feels so liberating. We've taken our children out of all extracurricular activities for the time being and perhaps permanently. It feels like we are letting go of the things that were distracting and holding us back and making room and time for things that are better, like spending more time together as a family.
The most noticeable change, however, since beginning the Prosperity Meditation has been my ability to see God's hand in my family’s lives. My faith is increasing daily, and I know He will provide for us as we follow His counsel. Moving our family is certainly a leap of faith because I have never lived outside of the small city where I grew up.

Along with increased faith, I have felt increased gratitude and have been able to see how the Lord has always guided my life and continues to do so. These are not the changes I was expecting when I began the Prosperity Meditation. What a blessing it is to be guided and directed daily by God, whose wisdom, knowledge, and love are without limits.

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